Myanmar: Another tragic chapter in the Rohingya’s misery and torment series of Human abuse

Myanmar security forces have, yet again stepped up its military machinery to persecute and oppress the Muslim minority in the Rakhine state. More than 100 innocent people were killed, many wounded and some 20,000 have fled to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh, which already hosts many thousands of the Refugees from the Muslims minority of Myanmar. This latest escalation is another chapter of the long series of misery, torture and genocidal process aimed at the vulnerable, unvalued and unrecognised people of Myanmar.
AFD International condemns this heavy handedness of the Myanmar government towards the Rohingya people. AFD International is also, calling upon the international community to act swiftly to stop this ethnic cleansing madness. It is time for the Myanmar government to depart from these uncivilised practices and adhere to the human rights norms and conventions. Finally, AFD International is monitoring the situation closely and will mobilise the international public opinion to show solidarity with the defenceless Muslim minority of Myanmar.

AFD International
Asia and Pacific Department
Date: 30/08/17

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