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United Kingdom: Manchester Terrorist Strike

Yet another barbaric attack ripped through the bodies of innocent people in Manchester Arena. The pure sheer madness, the utter disrespect of human life and indiscriminate attack on defenceless people, shows that terrorism is a huge problem for human rights. There are no words can describe the magnitude of sufferance this mass murder of innocent people have put people through. People of Manchester as its Mayor put it “will pull together” by showing compassion, resilience and love instead of hate and retaliation.

AFD international stands together with the people of Manchester and condemns categorically this act of mass murder.

AFD international with the rest of the world is saying enough of this cycle of psychopathic and emotionless destruction of human life, enough of blood shedding and enough of hate spreading.

AFD International calls on the British government to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its citizen but without infringing and clawing back people’s rights and liberties which they have fought hard for.

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