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Belgium: Street Campaign on Human Values

The street campaign consisted in meeting people in the street and asking for their favorite human values. This may seem easy but many persons took time before finding the value they appreciate the most…

And probably you would have done the same! When their choice was done, the participants were asked to write it on the whiteboard in order to immortalize the instant on a picture.

But the action doesn’t end here! Our objective was to meet as many people as possible to gather all their opinions and produce a short video clip to be shared on the web and the social networks. The final purpose of our action was a simple true sharing of love, peace and hope for the humanity, because we’re different but all converge to the same values and the need to live together.

Our first wave was in Brussels, in the heart of Europe, in November 2013 and was a real success. We’ve met many people coming from all over the world. We’ve been filled up by their smiles, energy and messages and we would be very happy to live this again in other cities of the world. The adventure continues…

The album of this event is available on our Facebook Page.

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