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Myanmar: 7 years in jail to Reuters journalists sends press freedom to abysmal

The only crime Wa alone and Kyaw Soe committed was doing their jobs as journalists to further expose the heinous crimes the Myanmarese Generals trying to cover up against the Rohingya Muslims In Rakhine State.
Enacting the Official Secrets Act to silence freedom of speech descends the country further and further into totalitarianism.
The verdict which condemned two innocent men is clearly politically motivated to keep the free voices at bay.
AFD International calls on the judiciary to overturn the verdict and set the two Reuters journalists free.
The government of Myanmar needs to realise that silencing journalists will not be able to hide the truth about the mass killings of the children and women of the Rohingya.

Finally, AFD International is working with other like-minded human rights organisations to devise an appropriate campaign against these arbitrary verdicts and draconian laws.

AFD International
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