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India: Indian government’s decision to impose direct rule from Delhi will trigger grave human rights issues

The decision of the Indian government to strip Jammu & Kashmir from its special status is posing a great risk on the life of many people in the area.

India, in the past, has shown little respect to human rights of the Kashmiris, and this latest decision of depriving the area of its special status enshrined in the Simla agreement will escalate the abuse of human rights. Recent implementation of a curfew and the suspension of internet, and other means of communications and the arrests of political leaders is a clear indication that India’s Modi is working against human rights in Kashmir.

The ruling nationalist party BJP of Narendra Modi is unilaterally undermining international law, especially, article 370 of the constitution and seeking to further militarise and destabilise the area further.

AFD International condemns the move and considers it as a slippery slope towards genocide similar to the ones are taking place in the region.

The international community must act in a firm and a decisive way to stop India from worsening the lives of million Kashmiris.

AFD International is very surprised at the feeble reaction of some of the superpowers and governments around the world in condemning the Indian Government.

AFD International
Asia & the Pacific Department
August 19, 2019

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