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China: Chinese government and officials must be held accountable for its Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang

The 13 million ethnic minority of Uighur, predominantly Muslims, in Xinjiang have been subject to an unprecedented brutality and inhumane treatment from the Chinese government as part of china’s war against extremism. At least 1.5 million have been detained in remote camps away from their families to receive what Chinese official call political education and training. Now that the entire world has woken up to the horrific and grim reality of cultural and social genocide carried out by china against the powerless people of Uighur, the true scale of this ongoing cruelty is yet to emerge.

Despite china’s effort to censor and block any news or reports about the ill treatment of the Uighur in the region of Xinjiang reports, documents, videos and testimonies leaked out have confirmed the  mass incarceration and indoctrination of vulnerable and defenceless population of the Uighur.

The cultural cleansing that has been taking part in China includes force feeding of ham and alcohol which is prohibited  in islam, the faith of the majority of the ethnic groups of Xinjiang , banning parents from giving their children Muslim names, banning Muslims from entering their places of worship, prohibiting men from growing Long beard, shutting down mosques and many places of worship, etc,  in addition to an intense political brainwashing carried out in camps which were established to recite communist party slogans and songs.

Obviously, all the above go against every document and conventions and norms of human rights  adopted by the family of United Nations including the Universal declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

AFD International along with many other human rights organisations are calling on international community and international organisation to act as one voice to condemn and stop china’s brutal policy against the minorities of Xinjiang.

AFD International would welcome an investigation by the International Criminal Court. A start of a legal proceedings would encourage the establishment of an international consensus of the international community to apply pressure on Beijing to end its discriminatory practices against its minorities.

AFD International

Asia and the Pacific

December 30th 2019

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