United States of America: Racism is a cultural pandemic and must be fought mercilessly

The killing of George Floyd, 46, by Derek Chauvin, a  Minneapolis police officer by kneeling on his throat, has enraged the world’s conscience and sparked a world wide outcry for justice and serious action against all forms of racism in particular police brutality against people of colour.
African Americans who make up only 13% of the entire USA population are disproportionately subjected to an enormous amount of police killings. The massive crowds and protests that this horrific incidence has drawn is not about an isolated incidence. It is about an institutional, structural and deep racist culture that has been dwelling in the police departments for so many years. It is a protest against an institution that does not treat the citizens the same, and keeps targeting people of colour for no reason. Hence why It is not a coincidence that most inmates in America are black. It is not a coincidence that the people who find themselves in death rows are the ethnic minority and predominantly African Americans.
The families of the likes of  Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Delrawn Small, Terence Crutcher, Breonna Taylor, whom were all black, are still languishing in grief and mourning their loved ones killed at the hands of the ones who was supposed to protect them.
AFD International alongside countless human rights organisations is extremely alarmed on how racism being emboldened and amplified to reach the top ranks of power.
AFD International condemns the heavy handedness  of the police enforcement in dealing with a legitimate anger and frustration of the population.
We condemn threading involvement of the national army to deal with the protests a dangerous and  unprecedented move in the modern history of the USA.
AFD International condemns in the strongest terms brutalising journalists doing their job to cover and report the events. We stand by all journalist to express their democratic right of expression and must not be brutalised, threatened or intimidated for that.
Perpetrator must be brought to justice and face the wrath of law and government must seek to repair the damage by settling the matter with the victim’s family
AFD International calls on protestors to express their right to demonstrate peacefully by respecting the property and safety of the public and not engage in any acts of vandalism, looting or destruction of public and governmental properties.
Finally, AFD International is calling on all government apparatuses and bodies to train and educate its staff and employees to respect diversity, multiculturalism and introduce tougher measures against all forms of racism and discrimination.
AFD International
02 June 2020
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