AFD International running at the 20km of Brussels

The 2012 edition of the 20km of Brussels is an opportunity for AFD International to participate and highlight the importance of the ongoing effort required to defend human rights around the world. The defense of people’s freedom and dignity, which are the two fundamental pillars to preserve or establish any humane society. The confiscation of fundamental freedoms and livelihoods from the people still remains a sad reality in many countries around the world. From large mobilization to peaceful resistance, including civic actions with sustainable purpose, AFD International is fully committed to individuals subject to human rights abuses.

So far, we have been supported by many citizens, associations, organizations and personalities from civil society all around the world.
We appeal largely to the support of citizens of the world to promote our cause.
Whether physically by their attendance at our events, materially by logistics, or financially by donations or subscriptions.
We wish to express our gratitude to those very many, men and women, who have already expressed such support. The aim is to get further involved in this struggle that concerns all of us.
AFD International is an NGO – Non Governmental Organization – which feeds only on the financial aid of its supporters from around the world.
Finally, we wish to recall the highest interest of defending human rights, home first and then around the world. An undertaking in which we should spare none of our efforts, however few they may seem to be. This, of course, in line with responsible citizenship.

International Team,
Brussels, 19 May 2012.

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