Belgium: AFD International calls for joining the rally before the Embassy of Burma (Myanmar) in Brussels, to denounce the massacre of the Rohingyas


Burma, or Myanmar, is a country in Asia which has common borders with India, China, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand. In this country of 55 million inhabitants live the Rohingyas—a Muslim minority of a million individual. The Muslim community has lived in this country since the eight century.

Yet ever since the sixties of the past century, the country has been under the sway of a military dictatorship. And a few decades ago, the military junta in power launched an ethnic and religious campaign against the Muslim community: 300,000 Rohingyas had to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh and 25,000 to Malaysia.

Since 28 June 2012, the number of Rohingyas killed is estimated at 650, while 1,200 are reported missing, and 90,000 people are displaced.

This occurred following pogroms committed by Buddhist religious extremists in the Rakhine state (formerly Arakan), one the country’s seven states. The extremists are supported and protected by the military junta.” [1]

This Friday 3 August, a rally will be organized in front of the Embassy of Burma in Brussels to denounce this appalling situation. AFD International shows full solidarity with this minority which is unfairly mistreated, expelled and killed! AFD International fully supports the rally which aims to draw public opinion’s attention, and calls on international institutions to act quickly to stop this savage barbarity.

Meeting place:
Boulevard Général Wahis, 9, 1030 Brussels,
Friday, 3 August 2012, 4 – 6 p.m.

AFD International
Europe Department

[1] Source: Call of Equality: All in front of the Embassy of Burma (Myanmar)

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